problems with installing photoshop cs2

when i first tried to install it it said, toward the end of the process, please insert win xp home edition cd rom, which i've lost.
when i cancel, error is "Product: Adobe Photoshop CS2 -- Error 1933.This setup requires Internet Information Server 4.0 or higher for configuring IIS Virtual Roots. Please make sure that you have IIS 4.0 or higher."
since i have winxp home, i found a workaround installing IIS5, using some files off of win2000 server cd which i downloaded off the internet, and currently am able to use IIS, localhost works fine, everything is set up i think correctly.
when i try again to install photoshop cs2, i get the same request for the cd, and i can never install it.
please help, or a workaround, has anybody had this problem and could solve it? thank you experts
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since winxp home does not ship with IIS, it is probably not wise to try to install win2K version software - if it is even legal.

the installer script may well simply be checking for registry settings or based on os platform version.  you would probably need to contact adobe support to get a definitive opinion on that point.

Cheers,  Mike.
newyuppieAuthor Commented:
i was hoping for more answers but i guess there aren't any. ill give the points to meverest anyway because he was helpful and legal enough...
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