Where does an mx record reside?

I have just changed name servers using my current registrar to my new hosting company.  
The status says that its validating the mx records on the new hosting company.

Where should the mx record reside, is it up to the hosting company to create the mx record or is that done by the registrar?

THE DNS SERVERS are pointing to the NEW HOST already.

PLease help this is urgent!!
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

New records aren't affected by propogation time, replacement records are because remote DNS servers only check for a new record once the TTL for the current one has expired.

The records can still be checked by asking the Start of Authority for the domain about the MX records directly, this can be done with (assuming Windows):

C:\> nslookup
> server <Name Server Responsible for your domain>
> set type=mx
> yourdomain.com

That will respond with the current MX (if any).

Tools such as those at www.dnsstuff.com (www.dnsreport.com) query the Start of Authority directly which makes it quite a good set of tools to see if everything is in place.

If you aren't finding an MX Record at all then it is certainly a good idea to contact the hosting company.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Name Servers are generally part of the Hosting Companies setup. Registrars just provide directions to those.

Assuming the registrar is directing any requests for your domain to the hosting company then they (the hosting company) will be the ones that need to add the MX.


Do an mx record lookup on your domain and it will tell you where they are currently located.

But whoever is hosting your name-server, that is who you need to talk to about the fixing any MX record problems.
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It useally takes up to 72 hours for your new mx records to populate through the internet.
^ Not sure if that is totally true.  MX records don't need to populate as they are linked to the Domain.  Its the domain that has to populate through the internet, and that can take a72 hours to work its way across the internet.

In any case, if your Domain is not working, it may take 72 hours o populate.
grakemAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys
grakemAuthor Commented:
I am posting a follow up question.
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