getting info from a mpeg file

hey all,
I have been searching for some code/sdk/component (I would prefer vcl but activeX ok-  it also doesnt have to be free)   that will allow me to extract basic information from an mpeg file, ie. bitrate, width, height of the images, length etc... Now, I have found a couple components that will do this, but they will not extract the info from a dvd mpeg (a vob file which contains high bitrate video), they only work with avi, mpeg1 and mpeg2 files of lesser quailty.

might have to deal with the file structure directly, and I really dont want to do that lol
any help would be appreciated, tia


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vob files contains several streams, some of them are supposed to be MPEG2, but the entire vob file uses to be encrypted, so digging into the mpeg2 stream properties can be really tricky, involving a DCSS algorithm or similar.

The best way to do it is looking at code that allready does it... vStrip is the one, but not the only, so look at here and grab the source code of the ones that promisse to convert from VOB to other formats: (a LOT of source code on this matter, a must-have)

Here you have comments on how to do it and where to look at code:

Here other usufull links: (vStrip download no source code) (vStrip guide) (DVD structure description)
ZhaawZSoftware DeveloperCommented:
I'd search for some info about these files, about their structure and read needed info directly from file without any components.
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