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Hi, I have a simple question that may turn into a more complicated one...our setup is this: We have recently setup SBS2003 on a network that was previously peer-to-peer. However we are still running a router (SonicWall with VPN) between the server and a cable modem. We are also still leaving our webhosting and email to an ISP, and using PopConnectors in the SBS to grab the email (and really have no intention of changing this seeing as they do a great job with spam etc...). We are running a dynamic IP address which we could switch to static if need be (although the IP hasn't changed in years).

So the question is: Do we need a FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) in order to turn on features such as Outlook web access or Remot Web Workplace? Right now our SonicWall just has an IP, it isn't linked to our web domain name.

Thanks in advance! This may be an easy one for someone in the know, but for us non-IT professionals it is hard to find out seemingly simple things such as this!

- Andrew
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If you have set up a domain you already have chosen a FQDN and yes you need that to be able to locate your OWA. If you want OWA for external users you need to have the name or IP registred on Internet. That usually require a static IP
coandaAuthor Commented:
Yes, we have setup a domain, however it is only an internal it is a .local domain. Our SonicWall still only has an IP to the outside world. I guess my question is really: as long as we are aware that the IP can change, and our employees know the IP, can it work? I don't want to go to the hassle of setting up a static (and paying), and I really don't want to have to have another (external) domain name. I am perfectly happy with our ISP hosting our website and email.

I just would like to know if it is possible before going down the road of trying to setup OWA and RWW.

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