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Browser ID (AKA User agent ID)

Im currently wrestling with this little line of code:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.7) Gecko/20050414 Firefox/1.0.3

This, is the browser ID mozilla firefox sents to webpages, along with my windows version and service pack. And my problem is, i rather not have it sending it because of security issues, like spyware changing it to identify my browser. What i want to know is: How can i change it? I read several internet pages about it, but noone gives me a word about changing it.

I at least know it is possible, since i actually already did it once. While i was using Steganos Internet Anonym, there was an option that let you instert another line of code that would be transfered instead of the line shown above. But the main problem with the software is, that its considerably slowing my system, and that its (most probally) listning at a port for internet traffic. Since i already have a custom proxy, i cant use this piece of software.

Now, the question is: Does anyone know a way to change the browser ID? Please dont post software that listens to a port, since its useless because of my system configuration. The best would be using a hex editor to edit the line of code in the browser, but i doubt anyone ever looked into that. :) Anyhow, hope anyone can help me with this rather irritating and (from my point of view) Difficult question. Thanks in advance,
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1 Solution
Well why not a simple extention:


Ritght now I'm:

Firefox (user defined string)

Oh wait:

Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.1; U)

After installation and restart, right click below the adressbar choose customize:

Drag and Drop the useragent icon in your favorite place just around the menue and have fun.

That extention can be userdefined, open extras -> extentions -> doubleclick on user agent switcher and modify the user string.

Quite forwarding.


FalconHawkAuthor Commented:
It seems to work. Please give me a day, (2 max) to stress test it on some sites. I got a little additional question. Im sorry about this "internal question", but 1 thing still troubles me, and that is that my OS info, together with the service pack info is still displayed on the site i mainly test on. Any idea to get tid of that to? And dont worry if u havent ;) for as far as i tested its a 100%, so u earned your credits :)
You can edit the useragent strings:

Extra-> Useragent switcher -> Options -> Options -> Click on "User Agents" -> select any enty click on "Edit" have fun, claiming >>>Firefox on C64...<<<

Now go to Extras-> User Agent Switcher -> select your customized enty, now check result on:


I get:

Test: Browser Info
Test Results: Your Guess, It`s Firefox       on C64

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FalconHawkAuthor Commented:
LOL ^^

Dumb, Dumb DUMB me :D. i copyd a browser sting, and totally forgot it had a piece about NT 5.0 n it. When i checked what could cause it, i was so focused on XP that i forgot i also should have a look for NT 5.0. Well, thanks for the answer :) i did the stress tests (most of em that is) and they are all positive. And thanks to the download of the software, i saw a little problem with my FTP configuration to.

 Tolomir          19437  FalconHawk          20010  Thats gonna be: Tolomir          21437  FalconHawk          20010

But i will catch up with you again.... Run while you still can my friend... run while you still are in front....
(sorry, im currently in a kinda funny mood to my own oppinion, altrough my environment doesnt think so)

If you need other usefull extentions take:

linkification (makes an url out of any textlink)
flashgot (integrates 20 different downloadmanagers
flashblock (adds a playbutton to any flashanimation)
and maybe mousegestures


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