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Offsite Storage Recommendations

I have a friend whose company is in need of a vendor that specializes in daily off-site backup.  The company has three computers:

1. a server, which holds most of the electronic files (mostly Excel and
Word documents, some Adobe, and website backup files);
2) another terminal that , holds all our database information and files;
3) a computer which has Peachtree and A/R and A/P stuff.  

Additionally, the backups  should be done on files that have been edited (so as not to backup all the system everyday,
which would be long and tedious.

Please advise.

Thank You.
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The "archive" bit tells you if a file has changed since it was last backed up (by a backup program that resets this bit).  That's what it's there for, so you backup the stuff only if this bit is set, and the act of backing it up clears this bit.

I would not do daily backups off-site.  Off-site backups are needed infrequently, and usually only in extreme emergencies (typically a fire or natural disaster).  I'd do daily on-site backups, and then weekly or monthly take the end of week or end of month backup offsite, and I'd make that a manual process (someone takes out a safe deposit box at a bank and once a week or month takes a backup there).

For the daily or weekly backup, you can use backup software or an easy solution would be to just use old MS-DOS XCopy to copy the hard drive to a blank USB Hard drive, and in the morning burn the hard drive to a DVD, then do a "quick reformat" of that drive for the next day.  XCopy can both copy only files with the archive bit set, and also reset the bit for the files it has copied so that they will not be copied again until they are changed.  Say that C: is the drive to be backed up, and H: is the external USB hard drive.  From a command prompt:

C:\>XCOPY/S/M C:\*.* H:\

The /S switch tells it to do subdirectories (which, from the root, does the whole drive).  The /M tells it to copy only files with the archive bit set, and to reset the bit for those files.
synergeticsoulAuthor Commented:
I understand that, but  think that my friend's copy seeks a vendor, or even the software.
The question we need to ask is - how valuable is the data?
Consider these scenarios -

Full back-up once a week, sent off site. Nightly incremental backups. If a total loss is experienced - fire, flood etc- you may lose up to 7 days worth of data.

Full back-up once a week plus nightly backups. Total loss experienced, max 24 hours data lost.

Veritas (www.veritas.com) are probably the market leaders in this field. NetBackup is the top end enterprise back-up solution - probably overkill for a company of this size. BackupExec is probably the product you should look at.
synergeticsoulAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!!
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