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I have a printer that is being shared off of a workstation.  I have a server/client network.  There is a printing problem in which everytime I go to this one workstation it won't allow me to delete a printer that is still sort of there but not really.  In other words...it's been there but I had to reinstall it on the workstation/print server, so it's not the same name anymore...  I'm using windows XP Pro.  Does this make any sense?
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you often have problems deleting a printer if there are any jobs in the queue. cancelling all the jobs in the queue may allow you to delete it.
you can reconnect the printer, finish the print jobs if any, delete the printer and remove it to it's new location
If print jobs are "stuck" in the queue, stop the print spooler, go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS and delete all files in there. Then, try removing the printer again.
candgAuthor Commented:
Thanks I just right clicked and canceled all jobs.
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