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After running a restore of a volume with Bright Store v 1.11 the files and dirs were marked read only.  Went in to the root dirs and took the read only attribute off the command ran but once you go back into the directory properties it's set as read only again.  Ran the same thing from the command line and still no luck.  Ran CHKDSK but found no errors.  Any ideas?  System is running Windows 2003 Standard.  After playing with it I go the folder contents to not  be read only but all the directories are set as read only.  When a user goes (that has permissions to the directory) to add or modify they get an access denied.

Any ideas?
chilemooreDirector of ITAsked:
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You need to check the NTFS permissions (security tab).

NTFS permissions are what control access to files/folders. If someone is getting an access denied message that means that they don't have the appropriate rights. But you don't change these by that little check need to go to the SECURITY tab and change the permissions there. Also make sure you have the share permissions set correctly. Best practice is to give everyone full control to share permissions and use NTFS to control access.

As Mike said, ignore that little check box on the general tab. It is bad design and doesn't do anything and you can't change it.  
folders cannot have the read only attrubute, this is a FILE attrubute. that little checkbox on a folder doesn't do anything.;en-us;326549
chilemooreDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
As a world famous philosopher said may a time, DOHHH!   Feel stupid now.  When I shared the folder I didn't change the default everyone read that Windows 2003 assigns by default.

I had compred the folder read-only check box to some other shared dirs and had noticed that the checkbox was grayed out.

Hmmm...  Just one of those days..
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