Dragging text jumps me to the page bottom. Also, cell width spec not permitted.

In DW MX 2004: When I drag text, rather than show where i drop it, I jump down to the end of the document. Also, sometimes a table cell doesn't allow me to input any cell  width. I type in a specification but it won't accept any input.
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As far as table cell issues, after you type in a value, hit enter, if the form to input table width is greyed out, it's because the table isn't selected or you don't have the right one selected. If you go to code view, all you have to do it change or add the attribute <table width="400"> could be any value, just using 400 for an example.

As far as dragging text, you have to remember you're not on ms word, or a text editor, you're on a script editor, so the properties are different. Spaces are defined as
&nbsp; and newlines are defined as <br>

If this is your page with nothing on it
Your text will always appear upper left unless you tell it where to go...
Ie: &nbsp; or <br> or one of the hundreds of ways of formatting pages and output..


also editing in the design view makes things often times more difficult to format correctly than just editing the script because dreamweaver always tries to do everything automatically like change table sizes row height and column width. Ever noticed when you are in the design view and you type text in a table cell, other cells change size? This is sometimes a pain to deal with and often times it much easier to just edit the code directly.

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