Component Recomendations: Data Grid


I desperately need a reliable and good grid control (you know the one that looks like an excel sheet).
However, the core requirement of the grid is that each cell has to be able to store formatted text -
i.e. bullet points, varying font sizes colours etc.

Those that cant need not apply.

Does anyone have any recomendations? experiences?
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Are you looking for free ones or do you have a budget.  We tend to use the range of components from Infragistics which I can recommend.
mnamiriAuthor Commented:

i dont mind paying for it-

ultimately i want it to be a good component that does the job, and is reliable and well made.
but at the same time i dont want a $1000 overpriced bit of code.
mnamiriAuthor Commented:
I've looked at the ones above ... but isn't there anything that will work with richtext and/or html? the idea is we need a component to display information from the db... the db is currently storing the information in richtext. If possible, we would like to show that information in some kind of listbox or data grid. Any suggestions? (also if they are purchaceable components keep it about $300 - 500 if possable)
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