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Network General Sniffer question

I recently was asked to haul away a whole stack of Misc.  Computer and networking things for a freinds employer.  In the stack of devices was a strange looking pc.  I got this among other things I thought i might use home.  I find a Network General Sniffer Server label on the front.  It has what I suppose is the model number on the front also.  ETET-080

I powered it on.  it enters pcdos after about 15 sec waiting for me to hit the space bar and make any config changes.  

I try to do a setmode command as if left alone, it tells me the display mode is off.  It tells me I do not have permission to change anything.  Anyone have maybe a link to a manual, or know how to login to this device.  I know basically what a sniffer is used for, but I have no idea how this model works.  
Any help would be appreciated.  Also, since I have no real use for it, could anyone maybe ballpark what this would be worth, if anything, on Ebay?

ps Also the software release is 4.5 if that helps.
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You might start here:


Open http://www.networkgeneral.com/LeadForm.aspx?From=LNav for questions or simply Call 1-800-Sniffer

It sounds like you have a DOS Based Distributed Sniffer that's end of life was in 2001. I found this reference to it: http://www.networkgeneral.com/Uploads/files/Product%20Status-4-20-05.pdf

Over all I would say that NetworkGeneral's current products look pretty beefy, but as this one has been off the market so long I doubt that their signatures are very current. Also the hardware probably isn't very intersting unless they were using some homebrew asics, which would again be dependent upon programming that is inaccessible... it might make a good sound being dropped from a height on an evil-doer or a nare-do-well, but not for much else.

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AxiomCompAuthor Commented:
Yeah, it is definetly DOS based.  I wasw hoping someone would know how to get around/reset the password.  If so, I might just use this myself lol

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Just a guess..not sure weather works or not...
Try restart from a DOS startup disk and try to see for any passwd files...this was one of those early products ( expensive
ones as well)...
AxiomCompAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys.  Unfortunatley this device is too old.  the guys at network general havent been there long enough to help.  
Plus they have changed ownership a cpl times in the last few years.  No one there can help.  So i guess its going into the junk box .  Thanks anyway

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