Can't merge partitions with Partition Magic

I put Partition Magic (PM) 7.0 on a Sony Vaio laptop to merge a C; (5765 MB) with D: (8636 MB). (Can't install SP2)
Both are NTFS. C: has 5535 0f the 5765 used.
Every time I try to merge, PM tells me "The first Partition C: requires 52,936 KB of data to be freed to perform this operation."
I think it originally said I had to free around 58,000 KB. So far I've freed up about 300 MB's and it only creeps down the amount in the warning.
Is there something I'm missing?
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PashaModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Closed, 250 points refunded.
Community Support Moderator
Is the drive compressed? Have you ran the disk cleanup wizard in XP? It's looking for 50MB so that should just be a matter of cleaning up. Empty your bin, move items to another drive.
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
I probably didn't make myself that clear.
I can free up the space but PM keeps saying I have to free up more.
I uninstalled .NET and Word which freed up 400 MB on the C: drive yet PM is still asking me to free up 27 MB more.
So I take out an HP Image program worth 295 MB's and PM now says I have to free up 22,554 KB's or 22 MB's.
And the space is being cleared on the C drive.
Something with PM I don't understand. Had it for years and never had this problem.
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cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replying.
Tried it in Safe Mode and didn't receive the error.
I'll cancel this post.
Thanks again,
cfourkaysAuthor Commented:
Lee, I was going to do that.
Sorry for the delay and thanks for the wake-up.
Solved it himself. Recommend a 0 point PAQ for those with PM and have same problem.
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