Approach - File may be damaged

Upon finishing some work in Approach v9.7, I compressed as I periodically do.  Now upon opening the file I get the following message:
Record header size 0x2EA3C13 bytes too small.  There followed a similar one with different numbers about bytes being too big.

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suesloanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This error message is referring to the APR file and not to the databases. Evidently the last time you saved the APR file, it did not save completely. Look at the file using Windows Explorer and you will see it is probably very small.

Your only option is to get a backup copy of the APR file and restore it to replace the damaged one. If you do not have a backup, you will need to design the APR application from scratch.

As for compressing the databases, you do not need to do this unless you have one of two conditions:
1) You delete a lot of records -- the space is reclaimed when you compress the database.
2) You have problems with Finds where the wrong records show up. In this case compression will rebuild the indexes. It may not totally "fix" them, but it is a good first effort at fixing them.

I do not recommend regular compression of databases if you do not have the above conditions.

Sue Sloan
1. Don't compress the file in future. Hard disks are now very large and inexpensive. Compressed files slow down access to them.

2. Try opening the file with Lotus or Excel, clean it up and re-import it into Approach. If that fails try opening it with Wordpad and doing the same.

bens-grillAuthor Commented:

I'm very grateful to you.  Thank you so much.
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