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Unable to get an upgrade to work

I am trying to create an upgrade in Installshield X, but when I generate an upgrade i get this message:

Val0010:      The data in component 'Win32Library.dll' differs from the previous setup.  However, this component will not reinstall in an upgrade scenario. Therefore, the changes will not be applied to the target system during the upgrade.

for all of my components.

All of my components have key files
All of the files are different from the prior version
I have set a new package code
I have retained the original upgrade code

In short, I have done everything it says I have to do and Installshield has told me that this should work. But it gives me this error and in fact it does not do an install.

I'd give a million points to solve this problem. Please help.
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1 Solution
Update the key file for the component so that the component will reinstall in an upgrade scenario.
Add the altered data to another "New" component instead of the existing component.
Do a major upgrade instead of a Small or Minor Upgrade.

pasted from http://helpnet.installshield.com/robo/projects/helplibdevstudio9/Val0010.htm
AaronAbendAuthor Commented:

I had already done that and I may have found the problem. Apparently, if you are using visual source safe and have the assemblyinfo.cs file locked, Installshield has trouble obtaining the version information from that file - and the internally stored version information remains locked at the same version level. I ended up discovering this phenomenon by accident (no help at all from Installshield) and found I was unable to get the internal version number to change after rebuilding my app and then changing the version number in every conceivable location. I created a completely new installation project with the assemblyinfo.cs file unlocked (read/write instead of read only) and everything runs perfectly - new updates work just as advertised. I have not had time to confirm that locking the file causes the problem - it is quite possible there was something screwed up in the install project I had been using. At least it is all working now.

I even got MSDE to install from the merge modules (working with Microsoft on that) and now have a deployment that includes our product and MSDE in just 15 MB.

This problem is resolved.
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