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I am currently looking in to the possibility of working freelance, mainly as a PHP developer, so i would appreciate any experience or advice you can share with me.

I am especially interested in what the typical pricing rate is... for example, how would you determine how much you would charge for completing a project, would you charge X amount per page?

Thank you
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A good start at the price is to study the trend from

What country? That's pretty important...
MattMeisterAuthor Commented:
I am based in the UK.

I am really just looking to see if there is a general basic price that developers tend to follow. If someone requests a project to be completed how to i determine how much to charge them?

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It depends totally. I dunno what php developers get but asp developers can easily pick up jobs at £200 - £300 a day, sometimes more depending on the application, and experience required. I charge an hourly rate of £40 / hr, to clients I find myself, which is a bit cheap to be honest.

If you've just started php work, you're not going to have the experience required to pull in larger contracts. If you've got tonnes of experience, then you've got a better chance.

If you're wanting to do contract work - there's loads about. You'll need to find a good agency or two to find you job positions, and you'll need to be good in an interview. Look at CWJobs, and JobServe.

If you're wanting to pull in your own work, you'll need to advertise, or call around, and you'll need to be good at design, interface and project management, as well as php...
You could use an alternative option and that's to quote clients for entire projects then subcontract the design elements out if you're not particularly good at designing (such as myself, ms paint all the way).

The rentacoder site is a good place to look, theres also scriptlance.com which is where I subcontract the design portions of my contracts out.


50$/hour is a professional price.

I charge hourly at $75 per. However, if a prospective client is a larger company that demonstrates no aversion to spending during the initial interview I don't hesitate to bump it a bit. On the flip side, if a client has bugetary limitations that exlude me from charging that rate and the project is a simple one for me I don't hesitate to lower my rate either.

Some clients also demad a flat project price and expect you to honor it. I try not to take these types of projects as it is very difficult to plan a whole project accurately up front. If you do take on this type of project be sure you get all the details required to accurately quote the whole project and be sure to list in detail what the quote includes so there will be no misunderstandings when it is time to get paid.

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