how to create a reboot server command as a schedlued task?


Id like to create a scheduled task thats reboots a server every night at 4am. I want to use a scheduled task does anyone know exactly how to do this?

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r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, proceed as follows:

(1) On any XP system, find the program named shutdown.exe. Normally it is in c:\windows\system32. Copy this program to any folder on your Win2000 system, say in c:\scripts

(2) In that same folder (c:\scripts) create a .bat file with just two lines within it:

   cmd /c "c:\scripts\shutdown.exe -r"

 (that -r is important, else the machine will shut down but not reboot)
 Give your batch file a name, e.g. reboot.bat

(3) Schedule it to run every day at 4:00 AM as follows:
     (from a command window)

 > AT 04:00 /every:M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su c:\scripts\reboot.bat


  (just to make sure it is scheduled)

That should do it.
acetateAuthor Commented:
cheers r-k ! thats look good to me! your a champ!
Thanks :)

Do try in daylight hours first just to be sure, before letting it loose at 4:00 AM.
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