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Reques for a Project Proposal

Hi guys,

  We are supose to do a project for our degree in Information Tecnology. It is a group project of 3 members. I would like to get to know some project ideas from U guys. If it is a totaly new idea it is mostly welcome.
 Our project duration is 5 months. Plese help me. I am waiting for your briliant ideas as soon as possible.

Thank U

7 Solutions
itdanushkaAuthor Commented:
I like proposals in these areas

   *   Mobaile application
   *   Network Application
   *   Desktop Application

It depends on your field. If you are Java programming, you should choose the area of J2EE such as creating web application with capability of SMS Gateway or etc. You can also do some Java security topic such as chryptography, encryption and etc. If you are in Visual Basic, please make it in such a way that is sophisticated and use latest technology....you may prefer to use .NET platform.

Lastly, I was a student before and would like to give some idea. It is extremely OKAY to have an error end-product but you must impress your mentor or lecturer in such a way that he or she knows that you are working at your best to achieve the end-result and you have the intention to finish the project.


I do not think that desktop application is a good idea as most of the corporates are moving into web application so you should consider that too :). Network application is also good but I personally prefer to have the web application project. Think something that will ease people and within your deadline (5 months).

Good luck

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itdanushkaAuthor Commented:
Programming language is not a barrior. We can use .NET platform as well as JAVA tecnologies. (J2ME or J2EE)

Your best bet is to go around local businesses in your area and ask if they need any applications written..?  You will always find someone requiring something to be written for them.  Plus this way you will end up with a real world application, that you have conducted real world client meetings for, that you could possibly sell back to them or at least charge maintenance fees for.

itdanushkaAuthor Commented:
When U say chryptography, encryption i have no idea what they do if U can give me an idea about that or specify reference it will be very usefull
itdanushkaAuthor Commented:
This has to be somthing unique and usefull. Not like automating a business
Suggestion for u! Try makin an online game, like the one you will found in www.hattrick.org.

maybe u can:

-set up a server that "simulates" (of course, calculates) results of matches played by virtual hockey or football teams, assigned to each one of ur registered users. Maybe a market for buy-sell players, maybe send a mobile alert each time a team scores, etc.

Sry if this is not what u asked, im not very good at english.
Hi itdanushka,

Normally, if you want to do the Java encryption, you need to be very good in math (I don't :) ).
Well, have you ever heard about the fingerprint security (you need to buy additional hardware), steganography(not sure the spell - but it is about to store some info within the picture file to secure the file authorization), or you can implement your own algorithm (must be good enough so that hacker will spend days to break it) and etc.

if you want to do J2ME, I do not recommend you UNLESS you really want to focus on this in your future jobs. The most demanding Java field is J2EE so whilst you are doing your project, you are securing your future too :).

Oh yes, try to touch the latest technology WEB SERVICES where you can integrate any programming platform (.NET, Java, PHP and etc) without changing the codes so your Java can communicate with your .NET.

The best is that you develop J2EE Web Application with good encryption, involved SMS Gateway as well as WEB SERVICES. However, I do not think that you have enough time to do that.

I have two ideas for you..both of wich should be both highly useful. I had thought about makeing them myself...but the time Constrainst.

Useful Idea 1) a Big number calculator... i am talking aobut a calculator that can handle numbers with over 100,000,000 digits.. something like 256^262144 and up.

Useful idea #2)

Email has been ever plauged with spam and pishing security issues.  i belive i have an idea to help sort the weat from the shaft.

Requirement 1) the process must be transparent(little or no interaction from the user.

Requirement 2) There must be an interface for the user to manupulate options.

The idea is based on the public key encryption process. Basicly you generate a dynamic signuture(one that changes based on the time) and when you send email the people who recive the email will know that it is you.

The biggest part of this idea is that the "reply to" address is encrypted, and only those who you are sending it to will be able to read the "from" address and the message.(naturally a method must be given to sending the message as unencrypted for those who do not have the program.)

To Defeate pishing, you would be able to create multiple certificts(one for each person/company) and "give" the certificts to places like Ebay and banks, When they store your Email address they woudl also store the certificte you gave them. In the future should they send you email, they would use the certifict to encrypt the message to you.

I would not recomend the words {verefied] or similar to appear in the message subject, but rather a seperate area beside(but appart) from the message, only to appear when the computer preforms a certian task.

Since these would be dynamic certificts, they cannot be duplicated.

itdanushkaAuthor Commented:
I appriciate all your ideas specialy Diane258. and I hope there will be more of those kind of ideas
and I am waiting for those too.
itdanushkaAuthor Commented:
hi Diane258,

Can u explane me the use of big number calculater?
I'd agree with most of the general guidelines above.

While interviewing applicants that have recently finished a degree program, the most common area of weakness is lack of programming experience and the canidates inability to explain, describe or detail any of their programming and development experiences.  

With this in mind, as you work towards identifying a project, try to incorporate technologies that are used by the field or company(ies) that you would like to work for after you finish the degree.

A common mistake made by programming teams when designing a new system is to overcomplicate the project and try to do too many diverse things.   I would recommend that you develop a project idea that seems overly simple ( and then create it as completely as possible ).

The suggestions above, talking to a local business or Diane's idea about extra email type security seem both applicable to future employers.  The only caveat when dealing with an outside user base is that it can greatly increase the amount of time needed to solve a  programming problem.

My specific project idea:  Create a system that would allow two or more computers to keep track of each other's ip address(s).  This system would allow users to easily use Remote Desktop or other remote management software systems in enviroments where the specific computers do not have static ip addresses.  An additional advantage of this system is that you could easily create a huge shareware user base and actually have your software being used by people all over the world.

I have a comment for Diane.

Your email idea won't fly. The return address is required. Check out this link for al the things that email must comply with:


An example is that any SMTP relay along the way may need to bounce the message because the mail box is full - or invalid address. Encryption is a pretty good idea for known email partners (if you exclude the header information), but how does that stop spam? You can't stop all email that isn't encrypted with your program, or else how will you ever communicate with anyone but your closest (and willing) friends. You wouldn't be able to even receive notifications from here. If you let those notifications through, how can you stop spam?

Read the email handbook (the documentation kink above) and

Keep Thinking!


When you're working for money, you'll have plenty of opportunities to work for money-making enterprises.  This is your chance to make a contribution to your community.

Choose several community organizations you have a good impression of, and whose work you would like to support.  Call them up and ask them if they have any projects for you.  Spend about two weeks developing ideas on all three before you start to narrow things down to one or the other.

If your degree is in IT, the most important thing isn't that you make a splash doing something innovative in terms of the computer science involved.  The most important things are that
- your project is useful
- you collaborate well with the laymen
- your written and verbal explanations are clear and concise

This volunteer project will make an excellent impression in your portfolio when you are looking for a job, and will help you network for finding jobs.

When you're shopping around for possible projects, think in terms of using the web to empower citizens.

I'm doing a project like that right now.  I'll give you a brief overview to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.  Many intersections in my medium-sized city lack visible crosswalks, which many people are upset about.  The city has budget problems and has no traffic engineer and no database administrator.  For my project, I will use PHP and MySQL to enable Citizen Monitors to create an inventory of the city's crosswalks, their condition and priority.  Our local pedestrian advocacy group will use the results to indicate to the city which crosswalks to repaint first.  My project is a one-person, one semester thing.  Yours can be more ambitious.

Good luck!


Again, for this question, my recommendation is to split the points to everyone who responded earlier.


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