hp iPAQ h2200..reinstall Windows CE

As happens often with my desktop, I need to "reformat" and reinstall my Win CE operating system on my hp ipaq h2210. I have not found in the supporting CD how to do that. Anyone help?

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Do a hard reset, look into the manual. Usually you'll have to turn it off and insert a pen into some small reset-hole in the case. It will re-install windows from ROM, deleting all settings and files. You might also look to see if there is a ROM update available for your model: http://h18007.www1.hp.com/support/files/HandheldiPAQ/us/locate/105_5721.html (somewhere like here :)).

You might also look into a backup utility like Sprite Backup, if your data is worth anything to you :)))
Insertion of a pen into reset-hol will do sof reset, here is instruction, how to do hard reset on 1940:  http://pocketpccentral.net/help/ipaq2200reset.htm
Also, if you haven't updated your software past version 1.00 you can download the ROM upgrade for 1.10 which will also do a hard reset as part of the upgrade process.

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