Export user list from Windows 2000 AD and import it offline to another w2k AD


I have next situation. We manage a large enterprise Active Directory servers and also Exchange servers. We have a sofisticated Internet access schema with multiple DMZ's  and security protection layers.

We have installed for the mail filtering, antispam function, virus checking, etc one product.

Also we have mail relay server that relay all incoming mails from outside to some mail servers from inside.

We hava a lot a virused email's that comes from Internet with spoofed destination address but with the correct domain name, so our Antivirus Mail gateway process these too. This product has capability to check the validity of destination user based of some LDAP connection and querry to  Active Directory system. We want to export the list with the actual valid users from our company and import this list offline to the DMZ AD server .

How can we perfom this operation ?

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Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
ok, export the list so that you have a list of users..

Do they contain the same properties, like, Name, Password, email address etc etc?

Have a look at the following:


Or use the list exported to create excel spreadsheet. Use dsadd from a Windows XP workstation in the DMZ to connect to the DC and modify AD.

With using dsadd to specify the domain component of AD you are connecting to.

Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
Rightclick on the OU that contains your User Accounts, select Export List, select Text (comma delimited) .csv file format.

now run LDIFDE to import in DMZ AD..

A Step by Step guide is located here.

OsiriumAuthor Commented:

Just fy, AD from DMZ has different domain name (ex: dmz.com )  than the real domain name of the company ( ex: me.com) , when I'll import offline the file could encountered some problems regard by differences between domain qualified names from these two AD server, do I  ?

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