Group Policy Issues - 2000/2003

Hi there,

Could somebody describe the process of installing and using/configuring Windows 2003 GPs on a Windows 2000 server.
I want to use several features (including windows firewall disabling) that are available in the windows 2003 GP (for XP sp2 clients).

I have already downloaded the 2003 adm files from the MS website - but i really do not have any idea how to implement this into my windows 2000 server GP without effecting existing policies.

Thanks in advance.

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Nirmal SharmaConnect With a Mentor Solution ArchitectCommented:

Ok. You have downloaded ADM files from site then oepn Group Policy Right Click on Administrative Templates > Select Add/Remove Templates > find the ADM file and then configure the policy.

Please see this:  -
Using Group Policy to Manage Windows Firewall in Windows XP SP2

All ADM files here:  -

Let us know.

utilizeAuthor Commented:
Just 1 thing - I have done as stated and the windows firewall options to not appear - i have downloaded the 2003 ADM files - is this correct?
Do i download the adm files relating to the OS i need to configure? or the OS that GP is running on (2000 sbs sp4)?

A couple of extra points - this is 2000 sbs sp4 server that is the DC.

Im a bit confused as to how to implement this. I am using the GP on the server in AD - GP Editor.
After you downloaded the msi file, did you install it? You do need the 2003 files....

From the above microsoft article:

"To install the .adm files on your computer:
6. Double-click the .msi file to start the .adm file installation wizard .
7. Follow the instructions in the wizard."

Did you start the wizard and follow the instructions?
utilizeAuthor Commented:
Yes, but this installs it to the C:\AdmFiles directory.
I have then Added them into the admin templates as above and with the 2003 ones the firerwall options to not appear. However after some testing, i added the xpsp2 templates and the firewall option DID appear.

I am pretty happy this will work, but i have only added it at OU level. Is there any way to combine the xpsp2 functions along with the 2003 ones? which is the most recent template/ADM?


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