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If I start blogging in a blog site, then can I earn money by googleAdsense in any way ?
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short answer, yes.

longer answer, it may take some time to earn alot of money.

if you get a blogger account ( there's a link for you to sign up to
google's adsense.  you can place the adsense ads on any site you own, not just
one blog.

Drawbacks: google will only pay you every time your account
balance reaches $100 or more.  Then they send the check to you within 30 days.

You can't know how much each ad clicked will get you.  They've got a formula
based on the number of visitors to your site, the number of page impressions,
number of click's and finally how much the ad clicked actually sold to google for.

You get a small percentage based on that.

If you've got patience and/or good content that alot of people are likely to visit
(thousands or more per month) you should be able to make a nice little bit of
cash.  There are numerous articles on the web about attracting traffic to your
website that will help you with getting more people clicking on your ads.

Hope this helps
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