ASP.Net - Uploading and Downloading files from within a Datalist

We need to be able to bring up a SaveAs dialog box when a user clicks Upload from within a datalist to upload a report. This report and its location need to be saved in a SQL Server database. An option must exist whereby another user can login and download/view the saved report.

Is there a way to upload and download files in ASP.NET / VB.NET (Not C#).

I have tried,

<input id="txtFile" type="file" name="txtFile" runat="server">
<br />
<asp:button id="btUpload" runat="server" text="submit"></asp:button>

 way but it seems that the Upload button does not fire the ItemCommand when embedded in a datalist. Can someone please provide code or a way to do this?

Many Thanks.....
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Many possibilities to do that in ASP.NET, you might try some links and see which possibility matches your needs best:

there are also 3rd party objects available for this, e.g. Active Upload ( ) (many others)
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