Place a picture on another picture in DV

yes thanks

I just want to place a link on a bacground picture. Im thinking this link is some text. And this text is realised as a gif picture.

So I want a little picture acting as a link on a bigger picture.

Im very new in dreamW so be nice , please.
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1)  Insert your gif into your HTML layout.
2) Click once on the gif file
3) On your Property pallette, look for the MAP
4) Click on the "Polygon HotSpot Tool" (third map tool from the left) and just click and set the area where you want the user to click on.
5) Lastly, just add the link to the mapped area with a URL or the page where you want your user to go.

Hope this helps.
rolfeilertAuthor Commented:
This is explaining a "hotspot" on a picture.

I want this hotspot to be another "picture" !

Is this possible, or do I have to dig in the html?
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Do you mean you want 2 different gifs or jpgs overlapping each other with each indivudual hot spot? If this is the case, you can use layers technique in Dreamweaver. Let me know if this is what you want.
rolfeilertAuthor Commented:
* YES, That sounds right.

I do not need hotspot on the "Bacground picture" , right now

Thankyou, sir

I think it a little weird what you want to do but whatever floats your boat ;)
I think if would interesting if you used a 2 gif files with a tramsparent background so that your background color in your HTML file shows around your gif files.

1) In the Insert tab, under Layout tab, select the Draw Layer icon (3rd from the left)
2) Draw a rectangle in your page somewhere
3) Click inside the box you just created
4) In Insert tab, under Common tab, insert your 1st gif file
5) You should see a white tab on upper left corner of the box you just draw, select it
6) position your box by going to the Property Pallatte plug in for example, L: 100px & T: 100px. The box should move to X & Y position of 100 each.
7) You can also resize your box to the dimension of your gif by plugging in the pixel dimension in the W & H field (but make sure the white tab on upper left corner of the box is selected). Make sure you are always typing in px at the end of your number.
8) Repeat the steps 1-7 for your 2nd gif file
9) Lastly, to set the hotspots to either of the gifs, do it the same way as explained earlier

Keep in mind that you can overlap the images however you like or restacking the order by going to DESIGN pallatte, under LAYERS. Just photoshop, you can rename the file, etc...

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