Dreamweaver MX and "Searching for files modified outside dreamweaver process..."

I am not sure why but all of a sudden every time I try to open a file in dreamweaver mx or
cut/paste anything the dialogue box comes up that says "dreamweaver is searching for
new and changed files modified outstide dreamweaver.  hit stop if not necessary."  Then I hit stop and it still takes longer to stop.   It is driving me crazy and costing me a lot of time as it comes up constantly.  How can I turn this feature off?
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jay_eireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a colleague of mine had a similar problem but the update fixed this issue...

it sounds like a site cache issue..........
I would have a go at recreating the site cache
hi a182612
are you using Dreamweaver MX 2004 ?
Jay Eire
a182612Author Commented:
Yes and I did download the reommended update for this but was having the problem
both before and after that update.
a182612Author Commented:
Great Article and explains exactly what I am experiences. I recently added a new site and swap back and forth a lot.  I am going to disable this as it's driving me crazy.  I looks like disabling does not make an impact...thanks so much.
Your welcome...
have a good day
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