Bios beeps/wont boot

HP a220n I don't know how the problem started or the history of the machine. Would not power on, put in a new power supply and now will turn on but monitor does not activate and cant hear hard drive doing anything. 2 short and 6 long beeps. found a sticker on the motherboard that says amibios 686 have tried to find the the exact meaning of the beeps but cant seen to pin it down. Looked like maybe it had something to do with video card, the origninal is onboard video, I tried an agp video card with no luck and then a pci video card with no luck. Removed battery for a day and put back in didn't help
Would appreciate some suggestions thanks

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If you had to replace the power supply, then anything connected to the power supply could have been affected when it malfunctioned: motherboard, hard drive, and any peripherals.  Since your video is onboard, I think your mothboard is gone, because AMI BIOS'es typically just display the error onscreen and only beep when the video doesn't work:  The fact that you tried replacing the video and it still doesn't work indicates a serious problem.  You can try resetting the BIOS to see if that will let the new video card be detected.
Check the memory. Also make sure the Heatsink on the CPU is firmly connected and the fan is running. If necessary remove and clean, particularly the surface between the CPU and the heatsink. Add a very small amount of thermo transfer paste between both touching surfaces, and replace the fan if it doesn't run nicely.
Some HPs have a 3 connector plug that goes from the power supply to the motherboard for monitoring the power supply fan.  If you put a regular atx power supply in the machine it won't boot.  Usually putting a jumper on two of the three pins on the motherboard will allow you to use a regular atx power supply.  The pins might be near the main atx connector.
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Callandor is right... when it comes to power supplies, the problem spreads like cancer.  In fact, I call it electrical cancer whenever something like this happens.  If you're lucky, it will only have affected 1 or 2 things, but when I've been in this situation before I've seen the issue fixed--only to have another one crop up a month later.  If you fix it yet it seems less than 100% or unstable in any way, be sure to back up what's important to you because it's a sign that something else may be on it's way out in short order.  
And then ya get it on your fingers after you take the power supply out..hehe

This particular motherboard, everything is integrated.... if you're going to add a video card, you'll need a way to turn-off the onboard video by going in to the BIOS.... which you can't do yet.  Probably selects onboard video by default after clearing CMOS as well.

Looks like more than just the power supply may need replacing... and I hate to say the motherboard might be one of the parts to replace.  But first, try disconnecting all the devices... HD, CDROM, and any PCI cards, take them out... and see if it will respond. If not, new motherboard.

Also might want to take Jeff's suggestion a step further and take the motherboard out of the case, make a er desktop model(make sure your desktop is non-conductive :P) out of it and see if the stripped down verision with nothing plugged in still beeps.  Once in awhile a motherboard will ground on the chassis.  Always a bad thing....  
J-A-L is right. Try removing and disconnecting all devices from the motherboard, ie cdrom, hard drive, memory, floppy, battery, pci cards; try booting to hear if beeps change; if nothing still happens try reseating all devices one by one; if still no luck then your motherboard is toast...
Arpit BajpaiCo-founder/DirectorCommented:
i would suggest to take off u'r RAM and clean it then put again and even then if dont work try putting new ram.....

I faced this problem a lot as most of ram slots are not coming up2 mark now days
it is a ram problem you must change the ram or clean try cleaning it
Reinstall or replace your RAM, reset system BIOS, if this does not resolve the problem, your mainboard has failed...
lcr237Author Commented:
Tried everything, looks like it is the motherboard,

Thanks for the advice
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