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Hello Experts,

I am creating a custom Appointment form in Outlook 2003. I have the new form ready, hid the initial page, and I am trying to add the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time fields.

I tried finding them on the Field Chooser (which won't allow the drop down calendar to appear or hour list), and tried using the ComboBox from teh Toolbox. Using the ComboBox and setting the new properties to Date/Time and Start, it gives the appearance it worked, but when testing the form, the dropdown does not open the calendar to pick a date like.

(Same with the "Remind Beforehand" field.
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From :

The Outlook Appointment, Task and Journal forms include a drop-down calendar control on their main pages that allows the user to quickly pick a date. This built-in drop-down control is not available to programmers. (This is apparently one reason why certain pages on Outlook forms are not customizable.) However, both Microsoft and third-party sources provide other ActiveX controls that you can use in your custom forms.

Take a look at the above page for some links that will help you.


jayrodAuthor Commented:

I learn to hate MS more each day.

Thanks StuartWhyte, not the answer I wanted, but answered with Expert Information nonetheless!

Is that question closed then?? ;-)
jayrodAuthor Commented:
Yep, accepted and forgot to assign a grade :) Then went to a meeting. Closed now.
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