how to setup ipaq to laptop xp wlss/ifr connection

Can anyone please give me a step by step guide as to how to set up wireless or infrared connection between my ipaq 1940 and my XP home laptop. They both have infrared and the ipaq has bluetooth, AsyncMac NDISWAN Miniport and  PPTP NDISWAN Miniport in its adapter list. I think I'd know if bluetooth were on the laptop so I assume it doesn't however it connects wirlessly to my router on a DHCP basis, so it does have some wireless operability. There is another pc on the network connected to the wireless router, and the router has a static internal ip comming from another router, I think I would like the ipaq to be able connect to the network and access the internet and share files either directly with the router, or probably through the laptop.
thanks for the help
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It is simply to do this with IR link: make sure your PDA is "looking" with its IR port to the PC's IR port, then start ActiveSync on the PDA and tap on Tools -> Connect via IR. As soon as you'll have ActiveSync via IR working, you will able to browse internet and exchange files with PC.

As soon as I know, Ipaq1940 does not have embedded Wi-Fi option, only Bluetooth. If you'll add bluetooth adaptor to your notebook (USB BT will do fine) you will able to sync your 1940 and notebook via Bluetooth.
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