Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote server time on IIS5

Have Dreamweaver MX 2004 / Server is Win2K / Using Serv-U FTP software.

On all my sites I get the "Dreamweaver cannot determine  the remote server time" message and I can't figure out why?

I've read the other thread on here and the solution deals with permissions on a Unix/Linux box but I'm on Win2K/IIS5...

Macromedia says that Dreamweaver determines remote server time by creating a dir on the remote then reading it back and getting the time so I'm assuimg that it's having a problem doing so but I can't tell why. I am admin, I create a dir (through dreamweaver or any other ftp client) anywhere I want, rename, delete, etc.

Any ideas???

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HI rduval,

please have a look here

Jay Eire
rduvalAuthor Commented:
Well...yes and no...

I tried the suggestion, d/l the hex editor and searched for the "XYIZNWSK" to convert it to lowercase but it's not there. (perhaps they changed it to something else?).

However, after that disappointment I checked my Serv-U FTP server and there's a check box (checked by default) that says "Use only lower case for files/dirs". I un-checked the box and it works fine now.

You'd think Macromedia would understand this problem and stop trying to force an upper case dir wouldn't you?

Anyway...you led me to the answer so you get the points!

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