Notes 6.5.4 client unread marks not replicating to local mail file replica

Fresh install
domino 6.5.4 (WinNT5.0)
Notes 6.5.4 (winXP) multiuser install (although the same appears in single user installs)

Local mail replica doen't have any read data, ie all messages appear in red (unread)

Anyone else seen this? Anyone found a solution?



ps upgeaded my director (from 6.5.3) so spam filtering works - he's not happy...
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HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD=-1 in notes.ini.. This will exchange unread marks appropriately during replication

Is he using multiple PCs?  ON a single PC, there shuld be no problem if sometimes using a local replica, sometimes the server, as the workstation records the unread changes (up to 20,000 changes can be kept across all databases), and applies the records to every replica it opens.

If using multiple PCs, the one workstation won't have the records that the other has.  Sometimes this goes out of sync, though that was supposed to have been finally fixed in I think 6.0.3 and 6.5.3.  The INI setting Hemantha mentioned has been around since Release 4, I think.  I wasn't sure if it has been caried over into these later versions, but it is worth a try.  Note that it can greatly increase replication time -- it has the effect of using the "Edit -> Unread Marks -> Exchange Unread" unread command, which can take over a minute to run on a dial-up connection.
pelsonroseAuthor Commented:
need to keep unread marks on the server, as webmail used.  Hemantha solution works - points awarded

replication time not an issue as broadband/3g used.

cheers all.
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