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I am in search of a 'best practices' white paper for covering most, if not all, aspects of securing laptops running XP. These laptops will be used 'in-house' as well as on the road. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
NSA's paper on securing XP

There are best practices for all sorts of setups, but in this case, I think the bestpractices your looking for are:
1) Having documented policies and proceedure, you can obtain great examples here:
2) Do not let users run as admins of their machines, this can be tougher for laptop users, as they may need to change things on the LT that a normal PC user would not. Try to get them fimilar with RunAs, or maybe try my runas vbe scripts here:
3) Regular OS and Applicaiton upgrades, such as windows update and office updates.
4) Daily AV scan's and updates
5) A firewall such as zonealarm should be used, as it has an extra layer of protection over other firewalls, in that it can pause/stop process's that wish to act as a server or request access to the NIC that are not approved. ZA will alert with a pop-up of the program's intent, and ask you to approve or deny, if approve is selected, then a password must be entered to allow the action.
6) Going beyond the NSA paper, these are always settings we implement-(can't remember if any of these are listed, I do not think they are)
Turn off the following services, "remote registry", "messenger", "secondary logon" and set to disable
Go to LanMan level 2 (actually it's 3... 0, 1, 2)
7) Enable more than the default logging events! very important, and even more important is Auditing them!
nealmcdonaldAuthor Commented:

Thanks! The links are what I was looking for. I will research them today and then either post a follow up question or else close this thread tomorrow.

nealmcdonaldAuthor Commented:
That is exactly what I needed. The NSA papaer on securing XP is great. And of course SANS is a killer place for just about anything security related. Thanks so much richrumble.


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