Connecting to Sybase via ODBC


I am trying to do an ODBC connection to a sybase database. The Sybase is setup on site and the BDE administrator shows the DSN and I can do a test connection to it. Unfortunately I have never connected to Sybase before so have been pulling hair out all day. Suffice to say that, after trying I don't know how many attempts with workspaces, connections and other things I am now hanging my head and going to ask if anyone can help me with this.

I have been given the DSN, UID, Password and DB-Servername for the Sybase but I don't know if the reason for me not connecting has to do with me just writing an incorrect connection string or just using the totally wrong tools.

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Here are a few tutorials for using ADO:

I would use this connection string if possible:

If this does not work then use the one above from Shauli.

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