why asp.net redirect to Login page over again even though session is still valid?


I have asp.net web application which is ruing fine.
After login and redirect to default.aspx page, I could do the regular nevigation.
However, onece I rebuild default.aspx page and tried to do the same nevigation to other page,
it redirected me to login page over and over again.

So I logined in again and I could be the same nevigation with new default.aspx page.
Wheverver I changed the default.aspx page, I had to login again and again.
I tested with Visual studio.net debug mode to try to trace. Code wise, nothing I could catch during the debug rather than redirect me to login page. It supported to go to next.aspx page but login.aspx page.

I only successed very first time after build default.aspx page. After I rebuild default.aspx, I should relogin. I don't know why.

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What beeel said. One of the up-sides of .NET is that it produces compiled code, which (in theory) runs faster. The down-side is, your application is reset every time you change something. This won't be a problem once you launch the site - it's just a pain while you're developing.
Do you have session cookies activated in your browser?
When you rebuild the application, the application gets restarted i.e. every setting / session varible will be lost. It is becoming a fresh start again. I think that's why you have to login in again after you rebuild the page. If I am not wrong, there is nothing we can do about it and in the production environment, we do not rebuild the application, so whoever logged in should be logged in until they log out. I hope that answer your question.
Fuzzyfish1000, thanks for clearifying what I am trying to say. Yes, I agree with you.
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