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java software download "jre-1_5_0_02-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe"

Hi, I am trying to download from java.com the java software "jre-1_5_0_02-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe"  automaticaly and manualy  and I got the problem: the Windows Installer says "Preparing to install.." and remains like that 20 minutes; after them cams the mesage "the website do not respond" and after them the computer becams very slow.
This is a brand new HP laptop XP pro in his first day.
1 Solution

First run Windows Update. Click Start->All Programs->Windows Update. Install all "critical updates".

Now, on to your question. It looks like there is a newer version. You wrote that you were trying to install "jre-1_5_0_02-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe".  The newer version is "(jre-1_5_0_03-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe".

Visit "http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/download.jsp".  Select "Download JRE 5.0 Update 3".
Accept the license agreement and click "continue".
Try downloading the newest version named "Windows Online Installation, Multi-language  (jdk-1_5_0_03-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe, 221.27" or the "Windows Offline Installation  (jdk-1_5_0_03-windows-i586-p.exe, 55.11 MB)".  

The "Windows Online Installation" saves download time if installing only some of the features. This install first downloads and runs a small program that prompts the user for options to download and install. The user must be connected to the Internet in order to complete this installation. Includes support for additional languages, fonts and media. This choice downloads and installs Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 if not already installed.

The "Windows Offline Installation" file includes everything required to perform a complete installation. It can be copied to a machine that is disconnected from the network and executed to perform a complete or custom install. Includes Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 and support for additional languages, fonts and media. Use this installer if the normal Windows Installer does not work.

To report a downloading problem please visit, "http://java.sun.com/downloads/faq.html" and scroll down to "4. How do I report a downloading problem?".

And for more information try, "http://www.sun.com/download/faq.xml".
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