Edit notes.ini of installer

I need to add the line


to the notes.ini file of all fresh installs. What is the best way to do this? by policy? or by editing the data.cab file of the installer?
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riprowanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exactly.  That is my recommendation (use a batch file).  That way you are not customizing the installer in any way or sending out emails.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
The first thing you have to do??  THINK... :-)  Or get me a job :-P

Okay, let's get the logic straight. What you have to do is imaging any situation that can occur, and play it in your head, or discuss it with some sparring partner: "What if...". Then, write it down, so you have a reference document if you have to adapt something. Usually, the easiest and most straightforward solution is the best.

Summarizing (not knowing your entire application):
- you have a Request form
- you want to send invitations to people
- you want them to respond
- you intend to remind them when they didn't respond
- they can forward invitation to someone else
- the application needs to know that the invitation is forwarded

The following scheme could be used:
* Request-form
    - when created, send a simple mail to the users, with a doclink to invite them to look at the Request
    - to make sure they HAVE to go to the Request document, prevent that the mail is forwarded! (hint: set $KeepPrivate to "2")
    - add two buttons: "Respond" and  "Forward"
    * the Respond-button:
        - check if a Response already exists for this user, if so open it
        - if not, create a new Reponse document, fill the necessary fields, copy the attachments to the Body, save the document and open it
    * the Forward-button:
        - ask to whom the action should be forwarded
        - check if a Response already exists, then either refuse forwarding or reassign the Response to the new user
        - send the user a mail telling him some action is required by him
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Please, ignore!! Right answer to the wrong question, or so...

Sjef :$
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
See the Admin Help Db, under Customizing client installations.
Hi pelsonrose,

The best way, in all honestly, is not to customize the installer.  Create a button that can do it instead, and mail this around.

Why best?
1) Not everyone needs it, you are responding to one user who has a problem. Why change global config when it might not affect all users?
2) Do you have any experience configuring installers?  They are a pain.
3) You can't guarantee that everyone will use your installer anyway

Create -> Mail -> Memo
Move to message body area
Create -> Hotspot -> Button
Name button "Force unread marks to synchronize during replication"
Change type from SIMPLE ACTIONS to LOTUSSCRIPT (requires Domino Designer installed on the PC you are creating button from)

Sub Click(Source As Button) 'this line should already be there
    Dim s As New NotesSession
    s.SetEnvironmentVar "REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD" , "1" , True
End Sub 'this line should already be there

Click back in teh body area, and finish editing the message as a model message, then send it out.

you can also incorporate similar functionality into the mail template itself, either to run automatically when users open their inboxes, or manually, as a menu choice under teh Tools button (or wherever you like).

Best regards,
Simply change the mail template in the server to set environment variable in the queryopen/postopen of the ($Inbox) folder..and design refresh will propgate this change and user will get this set whenever tries to mail/inbox


So, we agree on this possibility.

- qwaletee
How are your new installs performed?  Do you have an inhouse tech services group that sets up new systems?  Or are field users responsible for their own installations?
pelsonroseAuthor Commented:
riprowan, it's just me! i was thinking about writing a (heaven forbid) batch file to do it.
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