SATA Raid 10

I have Intel server board (SE7520AF2) from which I am running 2 SATA drives configured for
Raid 1.  I am considering adding 4 SATA drives configured for Raid 10.  This will require the addition of an SATA
Raid card.  My questions are as follows:

1)  Will the Raid 10 configuration greatly enhance the I/O of the system?

2)  Which SATA Raid card manufacturer(s) provides solid reliability and performance?

3)  Will the addition of another Raid controller effect the Raid 1 setup off the motherboard?
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1. Yes.

2. Areca controllers are good.

Depending on what your mainboard supports, there are PCI-X or PCI Express boards.

3. It shouldn't. Are you planning on keeping that setup or will you be moving the array to your the new controller? In moving you'd enhance performance, as onboard raid usually uses cheap hardware and often also uses the main CPU. separate raid controllers like the ones of areca have built in processors. You can get these with up to 24 Sata ports...
Just adding to rindi's post...
1. Yes, because you are striping the data across 2 drives as well as mirroring the data on each. (Striping increases read performance)
3. No, it will not affect your current set-up.
But you would be better-off running the lot off the controller card rather then the onboard controllers.
This will put less load on the CPU and southbridge because the seperate controller card will be doing all the work.
You would be better-off running the card in a PCI-X slot (if you have one), because of faster throughput that its smaller brother PCI.
Hope this helps.
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