W2K SBS to 2003 Standard Server migration

I had posted a question on this topic about a month ago and the conclusion was to use ADMT to migrate from W2K SBS to 2003.

Now that I am finally ready to begin the deployment, I start by creating a trust relationship between old domain (domainold.local) and new domain (domainnew.local) and downloading ADMTv2.

The first error I get is that they cannot talk to each other (Error 1355) when trying to run the ADMY user migration wizard, I do my research and get some inkling that there is domain resolution problems and that either WINS or proper DNS settings might help. I set up WINS and DNS so that they can see each other, supposedly.

I begin again and the error message I get on domainold.local is that trusts are not supported in Windows 2000 Small Business Server.


1. Is this true?

2. Is there a commercial program that can help with this? We are looking at about a 25 user migration, so as long as it is not a $100,000 product, it may get us by.

3. Any other suggestions?

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luv2smileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Yes, this is true. SBS does not support trust relationships. This is a limitation of SBS by design.

3. You can try the Microsoft guidelines on doing this from the following kb (see section B.Small Business Server 2000 Migration:)

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