I have a Mita Kycera that printed fine 1 hour ago.

An hour ago, this printer printed fine. Now, no computer in the office can print to it.

I get "Printer busy or error!" errors.

The problem is consistent across the network. I tried re-installing the drivers on two fo the computers. Secondly, I can print to other printers on the network. Is it the Mita?
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It sounds as if somehow the connection to the printer has been lost. First of all, how is the printer physically connected? Is it connected to a PC, an external network adapter, or its own internal network card?

If you use either an internal network card or a print server, start by plugging the network cable into a different wall socket. Use a different network cable as well. You can also check the indicator light on the hub/switch/router to see if the network port is active.
Check the printer settings on the printer.Also check paper and toner, etc
Are there any warning lights or error messages showing?
Turn the printer off and back on.
DrDamnitAuthor Commented:
'twas the network cable.
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