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Recover deleted items not working

I am the owner of an Exchange shared contacts public folder. I accidentally deleted the folder and I am attempting to recover it.  I’ve done the following from Outlook so far:
1. selected the all public folders
2. go to Tools and selected Recover deleted items
3. selected the shared contacts folder
4. clicked the recover selected items button

The recovery the runs but at the end I get the following error:
Outlook is unable to recover some or all of the items in this folder. Make sure you have the required permissions to recover the items in this folder, and try again. If the problem persists, contact your administrator.

I am the administrator so I need some additional help.  
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2 Solutions
Have you tried to restore it? Might be the easiest thing to do, do you know who the owner of the folder is? Try it as them, Make sure you have permissions to the folder above it. Can you create a new Contacts folder at that location? Which exchange version are you running?

johnm07Author Commented:
I'm the owner of the folder as well as the Exchange Admin.
I'm running Exchange 2003

I first tried restoring from Backup Exec and it says it restored it in my job log but the shared folder never actually shows up. Very strange so I moved on to try to use the built in Exchange Recover Deleted Items option.  No joy with that either.

  I'm currently trying to recover is using this Microsoft article.  http://support.microsoft.com/?id=811358
Using Exchange 2003?
Use the recovery storage group to restore your entire database and pull it out from there. Much easier.

Here are some links that go in to in more depth:


As for DIR - did you have DIR enabled for your public store? If not that would explain why it wasn't working.

Exchange MVP.
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johnm07Author Commented:

I assume DIR is Deleted Items Restore. if so public folders were set  for 7 days and my problem just happend today.
The article http://support.microsoft.com/?id=811358 which I mentioned earlier didnt work.

I'll look at the links you gave me right now. .

johnm07Author Commented:
Just fond this in the veritas link from above: Note: make sure you select the mailbox store only. Public Folder stores are not supported for restore using the RSG.

There has got to be a way to just get to the data so I can re enter it if necessary. This shoud be a much easier process then its turning out to be.

Missed that it was public folders.
Got another machine that you can restore to? You could do a DR restore to another machine and then pull the information out.

johnm07Author Commented:
Sorry buy nothing offered up here worked.

I ended up with Microsoft support on the phone for about 4 hours trying to resolve this and they were only partially successful. They finally gave up and asked that I try to recover it using my Veritas backup. I had a Veritas backup but I was getting a drive access error each time I tried to restore and that was the reason I called Microsoft for help; hoping they could help me by fixing the recover deleted items function.

Long story short, I finally tried to recover my public folder with my Veritas backup but I redirected the recovery to d:\temp on my Exchange 2003 server. D:\temp has no association with my install of Exchange 2003 but my hope was to gain access to any of the data in even text format at that point. What happened was that Veritas restored the public folders to their original location and not the redirected d:\temp folder I told it to. I have no idea why this worked but it did and my public folder data was back where it belonged. Previous to my successful restore I had attempted to restore to the original location without success for hours.

So two things to take away from this experience. Veritas restore of public folders is poorly documented and I've never seen anything about restoring to a temp folder documented. Second, Microsoft’s Recover Deleted items function appears to have problems with restoring public shared contact lists, problems that their exchange 2003 support group is unable to fix.

Final Note:  My success came from running a Veritas restore but rather then restoring to the public folders original location on the Exchange 2003 server, iI redirected teh restore to d:\temp on the same Exchange server. Exchange 2003 is installed on the same D:\  drive but not in the temp directory.
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