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How to create a domain on a Advanced Windows 2000 Server and connect a client to it?


I'd like to create a domain on an existing Advanced Windows 2000 Server. The server has been installed successfully as a stand alone. Now I need to create a domain and make the box as the primary for the domain. If you know how to do it, please help with the steps I need to do.

After that if I'd like to connect a client to it. What I need to do on both the client and server so that the client can be recognized by the server and the client can access data on the server, in the following cases:
(1) -> Client is Windows 98
(2) -> Client is Windows 2000 client
(3) -> Client is Win XP

Thanks a lot for any help,

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To create a domain then you need to install Active Directory on the server. Active Directory is what makes the server a domain controller. There is no primary or backup domain controllers in windows 2000/03...all domain controllers are considered equal.

Dcpromo.exe is the command you run to install Active Directory. But, I would highly suggest you take a look at the following site as it lists step by step instructions for installing AD:

To Create the Domain logon to the Server and in the run command box (start -run) type DCPROMO and press enter. Follow the steps to install this server as a domain controller...(straight forward). This will install Active Directory on the machine

For the clients you need to right click on My Computer and select properties. Go to Computername Tab and then change. Select the radio button for Domain and enter the domain name that you specified in DCPROMO Wizard on the Win 200 Server. You will have to enter a username and password (use administrator and the admin password) and that PC is now joined to the domain.

If you go to start - programs - admin tools - Active Directory Users and Computers and go to the computers folder on the left you will see that PC name!!

That will work for Windows XP and 2000 for Windows 98 you will need to go through the Control Panel and then network i think but you will see sort of the same options (sorry i dont have Win 98 Pc to try on)

Any more help let me know

Michael (info@s3quence.com)
Once you have setup your AD then you can start adding computers to the domain. Windows 2000 and xp are joined the same way. Windows 98 is different (http://www.wown.com/articles_tutorials/w2ksvw9x.html)

Active Directory is very complex and you need a basic understanding of it and how to set it up before you dig too deep.

When it comes to AD, you'll see a lot of new acronyms such as AD, OU, GPO, FSMOs, etc.  It is a good idea to learn atleast the basics as you will need them if you are going to administer a domain.

I highly suggest that you do some research and reading online and possibly buy some books (microsoft press book on managing and mantaining a domain is very good).
rfr1tzAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

Thanks so much for the info. All the comments are very helpful and excellent.
May you give me some bonus? In case for Windows 2003 Server, in order to connect a client to the server, make the server recognize the client and allow the client to access data on the server, would I do the same steps or there are some differences in cases of Windows 2000 client and Win XP?

Once again, thanks a lot,


The process is the same for 2000 and xp. The only difference is 98.
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