ftp fails occasionally trying to go from my dmz to the inside

I have a batch file that runs on a windows server on my dmz that will ftp files every 15 minutes to my as/400 on the inside of my firewall.  Occasionally, the ftp will fail.  When I check the syslog on the firewall it shows a Reset-O packet coming from my Windows server on the dmz.  I don't know what is causing this.  I have asked for help from Cisco because my firewall is a PIX 515 and they said that the computer on the dmz is send a RESET request and causing the connection to drop.  I called the vendor that supports the windows computer on the dmz and they tell me that the RESET is the result of a dropped connection by either my firewall or the computer on the inside of my firewall.  Please help.
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>Occasionally, the ftp will fail
I'll have to side with Cisco on this one. If it was a PIX configuration issue, then it would either never work, or always work.
If you'd like, I can review your PIX config and perhaps see a way to make it easier..
Are you using the standard command-line ftp that comes in windows to put the files?

Typically when as/400 is involved, it turns out to be a routing issue on the as/400  learning a route to that subnet via a different gateway. I would look at the routing table on that box and make sure it is correct.

My first inclination would be to look at the logs on the as/400 and try to rule it out since it is closest to you and you control it.
could be a reverse-DNS issue since it fails occasionally? don't know AS/400 well, Solaris does reverse lookup for ftp client, if you don't have a PTR record for your windows server, there maybe trouble.
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tammieRAuthor Commented:
I have been working with Cisco on this issue.  They stated that there was a bug in version 6.3(3) of the PIX OS.  I upgraded to 6.3(4) and had the problem once but can't seem to get the problem to happen again.  Cisco claims that in version 6.3(3) there is a problem where the PIX will drop ftp connections on occasion.
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