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Explorer Connectivity

Computer sees my network and the whole bit but explorer doesnt connect to the internet, Ran the explorer repair but no luck .
                           IDEAS ?

- os 2000
- PC p4 1.8 IBM
- Use : FTP server

1 Solution
Hi James, did you try reseting your modem? Maybe it still has the old IP address and needs to automatically configure itself for your new network connection. If you want to make your computer an FTP server you must enable the IIS (internet information services), this can be found in control panel->windows components and then you have to check the box next to internet information services. After you do this, make sure you set your appropriate permissions to your FTP root folder. Hope this helps.
More of a network question than a hardware question, but I'll give it a try.

How are you connected to the internet?  Dialup, DSL or cable modem, router, ICS?  You need to check for basic connectivity to the hardware connected to the internet, and go from there.  

How to troubleshoot a network
RimscorpAuthor Commented:
This is a buisness network , im not using the ISS im using war FTP

If i reset the modem it will kik the other 22 people that are on the network

everybody else on the net has perfect conectivity , and since this ftp is an internal network scanning ftp , it works fine for what I need it for cuz it can see the network. Its just really annoying is all.
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Check your DNS settings on the ftp box.   Use the same DNS setup as one of the workstations on your LAN that can connect to the internet properly.
Run These and then Try :

Spybot : http://security.kolla.de/
Adaware: http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/
Winsockfix : http://www.itc.virginia.edu/desktop/central/display/versions.php3?softwareID=67&nav=title

Make sure u run Winsockfix the last if the first 2 programs dont fix the problem for u.

RimscorpAuthor Commented:
Cant run the adware Apps cuz cant connect to update the definitions...and the unit has 4 hard drives so no cd rom and no floppy ....but I will try the winsock fix ...thanks
RimscorpAuthor Commented:
Poked around on those sites Callandor put up ...problem solved.

something creepy with my subnet mask



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