Anyone aware of a USB Lock to prevent USB devices of being removed?

I am looking at finding something to lock USB devices in a port so the USB Device(s) do not get legs and walk away.  Any one know of anything for this?

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TronstekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does your HDD case have a theft prevention cable slot?  A lot of the newer cases have this, if so the solution is easy you just buy a cable.  Kingston and Master Lock both make one that can usually be found in any consumer electronics or PC store.

Computer Security Products,, has alot of solutions including the cables and adapter kits for those devices without a cable slot.

i think this is what you need
you explain better what you want exactly this isn't what you want
USB memory devices are typically so small that you can put them in your pocket when you are finished.  The ports are not designed for security and the devices are fairly cheap, so there doesn't seem to be any incentive to develop a locking device.
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Sebastian_StraussAuthor Commented:

maimon22, I'm not trying to lock the USB port, I'm trying to lock a USB Device into place.

i.e. so that my external USB HDD won't get stolen when I'm at a tradeshow.

Anyone have anything like that?
acijonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
actually, I dont think you're looking for a device that locks the usb cable with the drive, I believe what you're looking for is something like a laptop security cable, so instead of locking down the USB Connection, you're locking down the drive itself, so if say someone really wants to steal something, then they can only take the USB cable at most and not the drive.
maimon22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
oh now i got you
this is exactly what you need 
What u can try is to disable the USB from the BIOS and then passwd protect the BIOS, if ur cabinets themselves are sealed this way no one wud be able to use the USB ports even though they wud be open and insertable.

You can also disable the USB IRQ's from the BIOS and that way it wont even be detected. Why spend money for a solution thats free ;-)

To use again just enable USB and ur done. It will just take one reboot to get the system back and up.

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