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Hi Experts,

We are running WSUS in our environment, and it seems to be running good. Recently I have created two groups in WSUS console, one name Workstations, and the other one Named Servers.

I change the client targeting in the group policy, and it worked good, but now I have one question:

Can I choose different updates for each group?
Because I am going to approve some updates for workstation that I may not approve for the servers.

I really appreciate all comments.

Thanks guys
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darkeryuConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I think this will need two SUS server to perform ur request,
one sus for client computer,another for server,
and also u need create another Group Policy to apply server,
and uncheck the default domain policy of Authenticated users can apply it,just add the group of client computer.
the server need to do so.

Seelan NaidooConnect With a Mentor Microsoft Systems AdminCommented:
The WUS servers check the OS before deployment, that is how SUS did it.
The short answer is yes you can easily do this.  once you log into the WSUSadmin page of your WSUS server go to the "updates" page then you can change approvals for each update only allowing it to only be install in the groups you want or on all groups. On windows 2003/2000 server all you need is one Group Policy Object because it's ultimately the WSUS server that decides who gets what updates but the GPO needs to be set up to allow unattended installations of updates and sets check-in time with the server.

hopefully this helps
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You are right yogi420.

I wish you answered the question quicker than that, because I had to install another wsus server, and also accepted another answer already.

but thank you so much.
I have installed WSUS and everything has gone smoothly.  All of my computers Win2kPro/WinXPPro took the settings of the OU and where pointed to my server with WSUS installed.  The problem I have run into, is that we had to rename a machine and the Comp Name didn't change in WSUS.  I removed the computer but, can't get the computer with the new name to show back up in WSUS for the life of me.  Any ideas???
sorry, I meant to post.  Disregard!
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