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Hi experts.
 i need to make an unatended install of windows xp on  a laptop. i need to install it to the winnt directory rather than windows.  the problem is that the laptop does not have a floppy drive. and i need to use the cdrom for xp cd.  thanks.
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Easy-to-follow but detailed instructions on how to do this can be found at: http://www.hytekcomputer.com/Articles/XPInstall/1.shtml

Note: When you don't have a floppy drive...

Although the article is generally targeted at people using a floppy drive; Page 5 explains how to make a simple adaptation of the process when you don't have a floppy drive.  You will need to put the "winnt.sif" answer file on the hard drive.

Heres a post that explained how to make a unattended answer file.  It also explains creating the answer file on the Windows CD.  You name it "winnt.sif" and put it in the I386 directory of the Windows INstallation CD.

Just make the unattended file.  Rename it to winnt.sif - Copy the xp Cd onto your computer.  Place the winnt.sif in the I386 directory.  Re-burn the XP CD
I use http://unattended.sourceforge.net. You need a network for this to work, but it really is the best unattended installation method I know.
>>i need to make an unatended install of windows xp on  a laptop

If you need to do it often just create a ghost image and put it back.
Simple & fast solution
i think this is exactly what you are searching for:
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