HP Pavilion N5190 suddenly stops functioning

I have an HP Pavilion N5190. It has Windows XP SP2. The problem with my notebook is that it suddenly stops functioning during boot or a little while after booting. At times it does not proceed beyond the hardware detection screen. My notebook started detoriating with the following problems occuring in the given order.

1. It would not boot with AC power on. It booted only on battery power. If I put it on power after booting, it worked fine.

2. After going into power saving mode (screen turns off), if left for a long time, goes into a hang and needs to be hard-rebooted to revive it. (HDD and system standby are set to 'never')

3. Now, the notebook does not boot on AC power. Even when booted on battery, it suddenly stops functioning either during boot or after it opens the desktop. The duration for which the system remains functional is random. At times it lasts only till the bios info and hardware detection screen.

It may be noted that the power on button remains illuminated but the screen is blank, the hard disk icon stops flickering, the keyboard does not function (checked by pressing num lock key). Eventually, after 5-10 mins the power button too goes off.

I would appreciate any help with this problem.

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
and try removing the disk, and cd, even memory to boot up. check that the cpu is not clogged with dust while it's open. If there is a separate power board, you might replace that; otherwise, i guess it' is simply giving up, and you would have to replace the motherboard.
If you care taking the PC appart, do so and look for a small cmos battery, replacing this with a new one might help. Since you have the thing open, clean excessive dust out. Also check your ram with memtest86 from http://memtest.org. Run at least 5 passes if you don't get errors on the first pass.
The problem sounds like a bad dc power jack, which you can verify by looking at the charge indicator light to see if it goes on when you plug the AC in.  If it doesn't, well, its probably the jack.  You may have a overheating issue, which you can check by feeling around the case to see if there is any place that is extremely warm. This is unlikely, as it should boot up with the AC as well (unless you have two problems working together).

The fact that it doesn't boot up anymore may be because the battery is no longer charged enough to power it up.

It this is the case, if you still have it under warranty, then you should take it in, otherwise you may have to send it in to a laptop repair shop which will charge you from $100-$200 to replace the jack.  This is probably not something you would want to undertake yourself unless you have good soldering skills...and a replacement jack.
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