Limiting Paper type Selections in HP 4200 print driver

We are using an HP 4200 series print driver, with three trays.  They are:

Tray 1 - Envelopes, etc...

Tray 2 - Letterhead

Tray 3 - Plain Paper.  

Users can sucessfully select a tray based on the type of paper they want to print on, however in the HP print driver 15 - 20 different types of paper are rpresented as options (plain, letterhead, transperency, etc...)

Is there any way to limit this list (either manually or by the printer self checking) to only the available types of paper?
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I don't think there is a way to do that, as it is set within the driver (please correct me if I'm wrong anyone), but would it not be much easier to set the tray assignment in the printer driver? Users will then only have to select one tray out of a short list, rather than a paper type out of a long one.
There is no possibly way to do that. It is part of the drivers. It would require writing new drivers and that is not a possibility. I think I have seen others wanting to do the same thing ande maybe HP will add that feature to future versions. I am thinking the only way to do this would be to get the source for a Linux driver for this printer if someone has made one and then see if you can edit that and recompile it and change over to Linux for all the pc's. That is the only way I know of besides possibly trying to hire someone to attempt to make a driver but that isn't a good bet because it is practically impossible AFAIK. Sorry to tell you but Edan is right.
nwcc_seattleAuthor Commented:
Unfortunate to hear, but thank you both for the info.
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