IOS image match to identify its feature set and memory requirement?

I receive SHOW VERSION output with the IOS software image (*.BIN) and need to determine if it supports the QOS features I need.
1. How can I match the image file name to the actual feature sets?

2.Why isn't the CAT4000 listed as a platform in the Cisco Software Selector Utility?

3. Where can I find an easy way to determine what the memory requirements are for certain images?

4. Do switches (which ones) have memory upgrade options, again how can I find their memory requirements for the IOS software? is their a different method to do this for cataylst switches runnning CATOS?
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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
> Thanks- can you answer the other questions I posted?

No. Sorry.

There used to be a document a long time ago that showed the different parts (characters) of the filename and what they meant. For example a lower case "l" means the file is uncompressed. Then there was another document that listed what functions were in each feature set.  Now the only way I know is to trudge throught the software advisor like lmoore mentioned.

If you have a CCO account, you can launch the "Software Advisor" from this page
It has options to find specific software features that work with your exact hardware, and tells you what the memory requirements are. Typically, you can't upgrade the DRAM memory, but you may need to upgrade the FLASH memory to have enough to hold the new IOS..
murphymailAuthor Commented:
I have CCO and used the Software advisor but it doesn't break down a softwre image filename into the feature sets so I can understand what this image supports. Why isn't the CAt4000 listed under platforms in this utility? Step me through where I would find the memory requirements for a specific IOS image using this utility? Thanks.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Just before you get the page where you start the download, you will get a page that tells you what the memory requirement are.

murphymailAuthor Commented:
Thanks- can you answer the other questions I posted?
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