c++ Thread Anachronism Warning

I am trying to comple a library on Solaris 7 that is used to contoll custom boards and drivers.

I get the following warning:

"Thread.cpp", line 30: Warning (Anachronism): Formal argument 3 of type extern "C" void*(*)(void*) in call to pthread_create(unsigned*, const _pthread_attr*, extern "C" void*(*)(void*), void*) is being passed void*(*)(void*).

It is complaining wbout the following peice of code:

if (pthread_create(&m_id, &m_attr, startThread, this))
     throw tds_InternalError("pthread_create failed");

I am unsure why this warning is showing up. I haved looked at many forums... with no answer.
This is the only warning i have in the compile. When i try and run a test program that uses the library it seg faults.

Could this be because of this error or in the actual drivers?

Help to resolve this warning will great!


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What is the definition of startThread()?  The warning states that
startThread does not conform to the prototype void *(*)(void*).
In other words, startThread must be defined as

void * startThread(void *arg)

It seems that your compiler is a bit picky about the linkage - make sure your thread func is declared as

extern "C" void startThread(void*);
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__Michael__Author Commented:
The func is declared as:

static void *startThread(void *object);

I tried adding the extern "C" dec however this created errors stating "Error: Linkage specifications are allowed only at file level"

Any other reccomendations?
Have you tried to remove 'static' also?
__Michael__Author Commented:
Yes have also removed the static... same message with static removed.
__Michael__Author Commented:
Ok managed to fix the problem myself. The problem lied in the fact the the code was not compatible with SUN CC 5.5, thus I included the /opt/SUNWspro/lib/CC4 and used the -compat=4 flag.

Pretty sure this makes the code compile under SUN CC 4.2. It has compiled with no errors ow warnings.

Thankyou for your help.
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