Import data from access to lotus address book


I liked to know how import name and email from access request to address book in lotus note? Could I import from an excel file to lotus note? (name and email)

Thanks a lot

Mrs Bonds
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
A direct import from eExcel isn't possible, but you could save the file from Excel in a Lotus123-format, with extension .wk4. That file will be readable by Notes. In my experience, I mostly used this type of inport. The first row is to contain the names of the fields where the data is to be stored, the other rows contain the data. Then it's just File/Import, select the correct type and file, and start. Suggestion: try this first on a test database. For what address book do you want to do this? I hope not the server's NAB...

You can also write some functionality in Access, using VBA to connect to Notes. That's a whole lot more work, though.
Get NotesSQL, which allows Access to read from/write to Notes.  You will then be able to have Access push the ocntacts to Notes.

Or do the reverse -- if you can program in Notes, you can have Notes do SQL queries via ODBC against the Acess data.

However, there isa a big problem with either of the above.  The data mapping is very difficult.  The same sort of problem would occur if the data was in Excel, 1-2-3, or any other basic data file format.

So, let me suggest a different way.  Notes has facilities for turning VCF into contacts.  If you can get the Access data into VCF, then Notes can import it directly.
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