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SQL Script to Set Triggers not for replication

I am setting up Transactional replication, I need to set all the triggers in the production database to Not for Replication. At the moment I am using the Alter Trigger command to add the not for replication option for each trigger. But there is like 250 Triggers , is there a faster way or any sp i can use to make my life easiler now and in the future ?

many Thanks

2 Solutions
select the triggers to file from query anal
like below

SELECT  '/*****   '+sysobjects.name+'   *****/'+Char(13)+
      syscomments.text +Char(13)+'Zx~@#zxZ'+char(13)
      char(13)+'GO'+CHAR(13)AS [Trigger Definition]
      sysobjects INNER JOIN syscomments ON sysobjects.id = syscomments.id
      (sysobjects.xtype = 'TR')

then in my favorite editor (textpad)
replace the "NOT FOR REPLICATION" with nothing
and then replace all of the ''Zx~@#zxZ'' with FOR REPLICATION

use something that you wont have in your triggers
i generally use some ascii codes above 128 to search and relace
but thats up to you

save the fixed script and run it (preferably on a test db first)

This works better for me than other solutions.  Additionally, with this code you're free to do other things to the trigger code if you want.

' ExportTriggers.vbs
' VBScript to export all trigger scripts from a SQL Server database
' Written By: Lynn Ransdell
' invoke like this:  cscript ExportTriggers.vbs > AllTriggers.sql

Dim server   :  server = "server\instance"
Dim dbname   :  dbname = "testdb"
Dim user     :  user   = "sa"
Dim pswd     :  pswd   = "secret"
Dim conn, rs, rs2
Dim dblcrlf
Dim Line

   dblcrlf = chr(13) & chr(10) & chr(13) & chr(10)

   ConnStr = "provider=SQLOLEDB;network=DBMSSOCN;"
   ConnStr = ConnStr & "uid=" & user & ";pwd=" & pswd & ";server="
   ConnStr = ConnStr & server & ";database=" & dbname

   Set Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
   Conn.Open ConnStr

   Set rs = Conn.Execute("SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype='TR'")
   Do While Not rs.eof
      Wscript.Echo "/*****  " & rs(0) & "  *****/"
      Set rs2 = Conn.Execute("EXEC sp_helptext '" & rs(0) & "'")
      Do While Not rs2.eof

         ' It seems that each line of the trigger text has double CRLF characters...
         ' These 2 statements remove both pairs and the "wscript.echo" adds 1 back on
         Line = Rtrim(rs2(0))
         Line = Left(Line,Len(Line)-2)
         Wscript.Echo Line

   rs.Close   : Set rs   = nothing
   Conn.Close : Set Conn = nothing

yipingAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much made my life much easiler

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